pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 


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Ion Exchange (IX) processes are used in most industrial applications for removal of undesirable components from water based streams. Ion exchange resins are designated as either cation resins which remove positively charged components such as metallic components or anion resins that remove negatively charged elements. There are also mixed bed ion exchange systems that remove a wide variety of components.

Finding ways to reuse or recycle wastewater conserves natural resources and saves operating expenses for any manufacturing industry. Lessening the impact on the environment often is an imperative for a wide range of industries such as solar, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and metal plating or finishing. These industries typically have wastewater that is mostly de-ionized water, with only a very small concentration of contaminants. Rather than throw away this water after a single use, environmentally conscious manufacturers find ways to recycle or reuse wastewater where possible. Ion Exchange systems can treat rinse water wastes from these industries and return high quality de-ionized ultrapure water to the manufacturing process.

Wastech partners with Kinetico® and their 30 year experience with water filtration, softening and ion exchange systems. They combine the innovative Kinetico® multi-port valve and Wastech automation into highly reliable and efficient skid-mounted turnkey water recycling systems. The capital investment for these systems is quickly paid out by the lower operating costs compared to resin bottle exchange services, which must be regenerated off site. Wastech Ion Exchange systems can be integrated with other wastewater treatment systems, such as pH neutralization and vacuum distillation, to provide a comprehensive program for waste reduction, recycling and zero discharge.

To cater to specific industrial process requirements, various ion exchange resins have been developed over time to selectively remove specific anions or cations. The general category of these resins are designated weak acid resins, strong acid resins, weak base resins, and strong base resins. The incoming pH of the fluid can greatly affect the resin's ability to selectively remove the desired component. An optimum pH level increases the performance efficiency of the resin. For example weak base resins are more efficient if the inlet pH is lowered to an optimal level prior to passing through the ion exchange bed. For many resins a very low pH is generally undesirable so often the pH of highly acidic streams needs to be adjusted upward.

Additionally, Wastech has developed a wide range of standard batch and continuous pH adjustment systems designed specifically as pretreatment for ion exchange. Ion exchange systems require a pressurized line for the inlet to the ion exchange vessels as there is considerable pressure drop through the beds. In addition to Wastech's state of the art pH adjustment system software, Wastech's systems incorporate high efficiency discharge pumps with control of the discharge pressure to the ion exchange system. The systems can be fully integrated into the ion exchange control system so the ion exchange system and the Wastech pH adjustment system controls communicate with each other.

Need a Custom System?

Wastech Controls and Engineering, Inc. offers custom design and engineering of state-of-the-art turnkey systems.

One of Wastech’s application engineers will discuss the nature of your process with you exclusively for your facility.
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