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pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 


E-1400 R-500

Heat pump evaporators (PC) are a cost effective solution for industrial wastewater recycling and treatment. Providing a high quality distillate that can be recycled back into your process, PC evaporators also provide valuable, often profitable, matter recovery and can pay for themselves in less than 12 months.

The PC family of evaporators stands out from the rest because of its flexibility, low energy consumption and reliability. Heat pump vacuum evaporation allows control over problematic foaming phenomena, allowing total separation of metals and surfactants, giving high distillate yield and quality with a significant reduction of COD

There is a wide range of evaporators to choose from.  All of our options offer flexibility and reliability, while boasting surprisingly low energy consumption - additional cost savings that can also be included in ROI analyses.  Our fully automated heat pump evaporation systems utilize vacuum technology to produce a DI-quality distillate utilizing a fraction of the energy that atmospheric evaporators consume, and are fully capable of overcoming difficult foaming situations.


Which type of system is right for your process?

F Series Shell and Tube Forced Circulation Evaporators (PC F)
are compact, skid mounted, plug-and-play systems designed to produce the highest quality distillate possible at the lowest operating cost possible.  Due to its small size, the PC F can be located in areas where space constraints make larger, bulkier systems prohibitive.  As with all of Wastech's wastewater treatment systems, the continuous PC F ships with a PLC-based control panel that handles all aspects of operation, from feed to discharge, requiring virtually no supervision. The F Series evaporator captures thermal energy generated by it's heat pump inside a boiling chamber where pressure is maintained at 5-6 kPa (absolute vacuum), allowing wastewater to boil at a significantly lower temperature of approximately 104°F.  This all but eliminates problematic occurrences like corrosion, precipitation and scaling

Type Distillate Produced
PC F 200 185 gal/day
PC F 350 370 gal/day
PC F 650 635 gal/day
PC F 1000 1,057 gal/day
PC F 1500 1,586 gal/day
PC F 2000 2,114 gal/day
PC F 3000 3,114 gal/day
PC F 6000  6,340 gal/day
PC F 13000 12,682 gal/day


R Series Scraped Heating Jacket Evaporators (PC R)
are ideal for applications with lower wastewater volume and high levels of dissolved or suspended solids that can be concentrated, collected and recycled. The PC R features a heat pump, which operates under a controlled vacuum at 5 kPa at approximately 104°F.  Fully automated and controlled by a PLC-based control panel, a conical jacket surrounding the boiling chamber facilitates heat exchange while the concentrate inside is continuously stirred by an internal scraper.  The result is a DI-quality (low conductivity) distillate that can be re-circulated back into the process and a concentrate that, in many instances, can be recycled for profit.DownloadButton

Type Distillate Produced
PC R 40 40 gal/day
PC R 125 130 gal/day
PC R 250 265 gal/day
PC R 500 529 gal/day


Need a Custom System?

Wastech Controls and Engineering, Inc. offers custom design and engineering of state-of-the-art turnkey industrial process systems.

One of Wastech’s application engineers will discuss the nature of your process with you exclusively for your facility.
Call (818) 998-3500 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote or more information.

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