pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 


EW40000 RW-60003D

Hot/Cold Water Cogeneration Evaporators (AC) are designed for cogeneration or cooling plant applications in which excess hot water or steam is readily available.  By utilizing hot water from preexisting sources, AC Series of cogeneration evaporators can greatly reduce operating costs while providing an efficient method of recycling industrial process wastewater.  Many customers who have utilized AC Evaporators as the backbone of their zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems have reported 100% payoff in under 12 months.

Used to separate water from wastewater containing a variety of contaminants, including salts, oils and detergents, AC Series evaporators produce a DI-quality distillate that can be recirculated back through an industrial process.  These systems are capable of extreme waste concentration which can be recycled and create an additional profit center. 

All AC Evaporators ship with a PLC-based centralized control panel that automates the entire process from inlet to discharge, minimizing the need for operator oversight.  In addition, forced circulation technology virtually eliminates problematic and costly phenomenon like scaling or fouling. 


Which type of system is right for your process?

EW Series Shell And Tube Forced Circulation Evaporators
utilize an external tube heat exchanger in combination with forced circulation. The heat necessary to boil the wastewater is supplied by hot water running into a heat exchanger; the cooling necessary to condense the steam is supplied by cold water running into another heat exchanger at the top of the boiling chamber.  The AC EW is particularly effective for applications where low cost energy is available, such as landfill and power generation.  Completely PLC controlled, the AC EW is a fully automated system that provides a high-quality, low conductivity distillate at a fraction of the operational cost of traditional evaporators.DownloadButton

Type Volume
AC EW 5000 5,283 gal/day
AC EW 8000 7,925 gal/day
AC EW 10000 10,567 gal/day
AC EW 16000 15,850 gal/day

RW Series Scraped Heating Jacket Evaporators
are fully-automated systems, ideal for wastewater streams that contain a very high concentration of solids.  They function efficiently as standalone units but are often paired downstream from a primary evaporator to provide additional, final crystallization or concentration. This unit allows the most extreme waste concentration of any VDE system.

Unlike the AC EW described above, the AC RW hot/cold evaporator and crystallizer performs heat transfer through the use of a heating jacket that circulates hot water internally.  Treatment of high concentrations of suspended and dissolved solids is further achieved by an integrated, Archimedes Screw scraper, which continuously stirs the wastewater within the boiling chamber, preventing the surface of the heat exchanger from fouling.

AC RW Series of evaporators are available in continuous and batch configurations and use pumped discharge of the concentrate to allow for uninterrupted operation during concentrate removal.  The RW also generates a high-quality distillate with no dissolved salts, meaning the distilled water can be recirculated back through a process rather than discharged to the sewer, which can be costly over time.  It also produces a solid or semisolid concentrate with a water content under 15%. Depending on the concentrate material this can also be recycled, often for a profit.DownloadButton

Type Volume
AC RW 800 792 gal/day
AC RW 1600 1,585 gal/day
AC RW 11000 10,567 gal/day


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